Palaeo Vision: Do you see the world through Ice Age eyes?

*by taking part, you are in with a chance to win a plaquette replica too!

Drag the slider from right to left to discover Upper Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) art!

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Plaquette 130 from Gönnersdorf. The slider enhances the visibility of a horse’s head, facing towards the left. The nostril part of the face is partially visible. The white engraved lines are digitally enhanced, but is representative of a fresh engraving, leaving behind white residual marks in the surface of the plaquette.

Project & Team Introductions

We are archaeologists and psychologists based in both Germany and the UK. Our interdisciplinary project combines methods from archaeology with those from the psychology of vision and action (haptics) to explore how people functioned in their living spaces in the past.

In particular, we focus on the 16,000 year old Upper Palaeolithic (Late Magdalenian) campsites of Gönnersdorf and Andernach-Martinsberg, located in the Central Rhineland, Germany.

Here is our team (from left-right): Prof. Paul Pettitt (Durham University, Archaeology, Principle Investigator, UK), Dr. Olaf Jöris (MONREPOS, RGZM, Co-Investigator), Prof. Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser (MONREPOS, RGZM, Principle Investigator, Germany), Dr. Lisa-Elen Meyering (Durham University, Archaeology, Postdoctoral Researcher). Prof. Robert Kentridge (Durham University, Psychology, Co-Investigator, Middle), Dr. Jérôme Robitaille (MONREPOS, RGZM, Postdoctoral Researcher).

Drag the slider upwards to reveal what lay beneath!

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Your chance to take part!

Now, we will give you the opportunity to be part in our research first hand - discover the opportunities below. Your participation is entirely voluntary and by taking part you will be in with a chance to win a plaquette replica!

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AHRC DFG Research Grant (AH/V002899/1)